How To Turn Your Child Into A Book-Lover

It’s not easy to get our kids hooked on reading when there are so many entertainment options available to them these days. Between Tik Tok, video games, and endless TV shows, it might feel like books are your child’s last resort rather than the first thing to turn to when they’re bored. But that doesn’t […]

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Classic Stories Your Children Will Love!

Summer vacation is just about here! That means your kids are about to embark on months of free time…and us parents have to find ways to keep them entertained! My favorite way to entertain kids is with books, and these classics are sure to keep them hooked! Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White “Some Pig. Humble. […]

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How to Use Stories to Combat Comparison

It’s no secret that social media comparison has a massive effect on children today. Every time they open Instagram, your kids have the opportunity to see someone who is living a life “cooler” than their own. Your child can come home thrilled about an A on his math test, and then feel crushed moments later […]

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