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Cards for Your Book-Loving Valentine!

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Is your Valentine someone who prefers books to television? Someone you have to pull away from the reading nook on your couch to take out to dinner? Give them a card this year that shows you really know them (and get a bonus if your Valentine’s Day gift includes a new book they’ll love)!

For the Jane Austen obsessive

Because Pride and Prejudice is the epitome of romance

Show off your poetic side with a Shakespeare reference

Or indulge in some Harry Potter love 

Then again, what’s better than a Poe pun?

And, of course, a card that stands for the true testament of romance

How are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day this year? Let me know in the comments!


Valentine’s Day Must-Reads!

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Valentine’s Day is next week, and what better way to celebrate than by giving your child a new book! These children’s books represent all kinds of love out there—from the love you have for your family to first love.

Love Monster, by Rachel Bright

This cute story tells the story of the Love Monster, who is just trying to find someone to love him for who he is. It’s a great story to teach kids the value of true love and not judging anyone by their appearance!

I Love You Stinky Face, by Lisa McCourt

This book is about a little boy who asks his mother if she would love him, even if he turned into a super-stinky skunk. It’s a great tale about the unconditional love of parenthood, and a perfect way to let your little one know how loved she is on Valentine’s Day!

Everyone Says I Love You, illustrated by Beegee Tolpa

This pop-up book teaches kids how to say “I love you” in different languages from around the world! Its beautiful, eye-catching design will be enough to draw you in—and exchanging “I love you”s with your child will make it an entirely worthy read.

Love is You and Me, by Monica Sheehan

This book explains love in any and all of its forms, even between dog and mouse. It is one of my favorites, with a great story and cute illustrations that you and your child will be able to go back to again and again!


What are your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions? Let me know in the comments!


How To Become A Bedtime Story Pro!

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Has your child ever asked you to tell them a story before bed, but they’re tired of hearing from the same books you read every week? It might just be time to get creative! Whether you’ve ever invented a story or not, these tips will help you become a storytelling pro. (more…)


So You Want To Revise Your Book?

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A lot of you reading this blog are writers yourselves, and we had a tribe of people tackle National Novel Writing Month this past November! I know how rewarding it is to type, “The End,” but finishing that first draft is far from the end of your book’s journey.

This year, the NaNoWriMo organization wants to see you not only finish your first draft, but actually revise, edit, and polish your books so that you are prepared to send them off into the world! But revising can sound a lot easier than it actually is. That’s why I’m giving you some of my best revision tips below to help you get started. (more…)


Book Recommendation Time! The Children’s Series You Need in 2018

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If you’re a follower of children’s literature, you’ll no doubt have heard of author Kobi Yamada. His first two children’s picture books, What Do You Do With An Idea and What Do You Do With A Problem, both became New York Times bestsellers and have received unprecedented acclaim for both their uplifting storytelling and beautiful illustrations.

His third book, What Do You Do With A Chance, was just recently released, and will no doubt become his third success! Below you will find a short description and recommendation for each book , but trust me when I tell you…you NEED to add these books to your shelves in 2018. (more…)


How to Set Your 2018 Reading Goals

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Hi all, and happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful time during the holiday season and are ready to take 2018 by storm. One of the things I always do at the start of the year is take time to remember all the amazing books I read in the previous year, and set goals for how many more I want to read in the coming one.

A lot of us make the resolution, “I want to read more,” to go along with your fitness, health, and work goals. But what does “more” actually mean? If you’re someone who wants to read as much as you possibly can in 2018, here are my tips for you to make it happen! (more…)


The Spectacular Books Behind Your Favorite Holiday Films!

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First off, I want to wish you all a happy holiday! With schools and offices shutting down for the season, I know a lot of us are getting into the holiday spirit by watching our favorite holiday-themed movies. But did you know how many of your favorite holiday classics actually were based on books? Here are some books to pick up for a read that you may find familiar! (more…)


2017 Book-Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

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We are midway through December, and that means the holiday season is officially upon us! Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be a battle, so I wanted to make it a little easier on you. If you have any book lovers in your life, any of these gifts will be the perfect match:

Banned Books Heat Reactive Mug

This mug features lines from books that were once banned or challenged; fill them up with your favorite hot beverage to reveal all the words! The best part about this gift is that for every mug sold, you’ll help fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.

The Wish Tree, by Kyo Maclear

“Charles wants to find a wish tree. His brother and sister don’t believe there is such a thing, but his trusty companion Boggan is ready to join Charles on a journey to find out. And along the way, they discover that wishes can come true in the most unexpected ways.” This children’s book, which uses poetic verse to tell an inspiring holiday message, will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Book Cover Tote Bag

Everybody needs a plethora of tote bags these days, whether to carry groceries or all the books you buy at your local bookstore. And every book lover would proudly carry a tote featuring their favorite book’s cover on the front. You can find dozens of varieties, from classics like Pride and Prejudice, to new favorites like children’s book, Wonder.

A trip for two to your local independent bookstore

Nothing says bonding like browsing bookshelves together, and a promise to have a full day exploring and reading books together is the ultimate gift to give. Most independent bookstores also offer gift cards if you can’t find the time to go with your loved one yourself!

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season? Let me know in the comments!


What Your Favorite Authors Have to Say About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means great food, time with family and friends, and reflecting on all we have to be thankful for this year. But sometimes it’s hard to get past the craziness of every day life to pause for gratitude, or sometimes it feels like there just isn’t a lot to be grateful for. That’s when I turn to my favorite authors…they always have just the right way of expressing how I want to feel during the holidays. (more…)


You’re Not In It Alone: A Message to Single Parents

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Regular readers of this blog may well know, I raised my son John as a single father. While the memories I have of our time together while he was growing up are special, I know there were as many difficult times as there were wonderful ones.

An article about Kate Middleton, British royalty and mother of (soon-to-be) three, came out on SimpleMost the other day, where she shares this thought on parenting.

“As a mother, just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that it takes a whole community to help raise a child. Whether we are school leavers, teachers, support staff or parents we are all in this together.”  (more…)

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