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Night Buddies Go Sky High Is Finally Here!

Night Buddies Go Sky High

It’s the day I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now. Yesterday, my third children’s book, Night Buddies Go Sky, was officially released!

In all the excitement leading up to this day, I thought I would share with you all exactly how the Night Buddies series came about. And if I’m being truthful, I have to give credit to my son John. We used to read together every night, but one night when it was late and he wanted the stories to continue I advised him to start making up his own adventures, and that’s how Crosley the red crocodile was born! We came up with Crosley stories all the time until he became a member of our family.


Once John was already grown, I realized that between Crosley and my son John, I had the makings of a book in my hands . . . and that began the long journey to where I am today. I had written short stories in college, and have been a long-time book addict, but deciding to write a children’s book was the biggest writing project I had ever taken on. It became clear to me early on, however, that there were only two, very basic things I needed to make the Crosley book a reality—always use more imagination than I first thought to use, and write the thing every day until it’s done. The combination of these two things has gotten me through three books so far!

In Night Buddies Go Sky High, our two Night Buddies John and Crosley fly over to the Pineapple Cheesecake Factory to top off Crosley’s supply.  Once there, they find Big Foot Mae staring at a mysterious new dot in the sky . . . and it turns out Brother Crenwinkle has seen it too! They decide to investigate the thing, so they modify their racing blimp for extreme altitude and take off into the stratosphere.  What they find will absolutely warp your mind!

In honor of the book’s release, I’m giving away five free books on Goodreads. All you have to do to enter the drawing is click on the link below and click “Enter to Win!” The giveaway will be open through April 16, so be sure to tell your friends to enter too!

Finally, I just want to say a thank you to all my readers. Your support has been instrumental in continuing to bring Crosley to life book after book, and we both hope you’ll enjoy this new adventure!



12 responses to “Night Buddies Go Sky High Is Finally Here!”

  1. Amanda Ray says:

    My nieces would love this!

  2. Hope says:

    Sounds SO fun!

  3. Connie Saunders says:

    Sounds like a fun read! Thanks for a chance to win my own copy.

  4. tim harris says:

    I know my granddaughter would love to have this book.

  5. Susan C. says:

    Would love to win for a friend’s son with ADHD….perfect reading level for him.

  6. Cindy Cain says:

    My grandson is 8 yrs old and an avid reader. I think he would love this! Please consider me for one of the copies you’re giving away. Thanks.

  7. Looks like a fun book! I am sure my son will enjoy it!

  8. Amy Smith says:

    What a fun book to engage any child in reading! I work in a school Library, our students would love this!

  9. Marg L. says:

    I think my 7 year old daughter would love this book. She’s fascinated by space.

  10. Ann M says:

    Sounds like an imaginative book, love to read.

  11. Karen Mashburn says:

    Night Buddies sounds like such an interesting book. I would love to add it to the library’s collection at Kate M. Smith Elementary School. Please enter me in the drawing for a complimentary copy of this book. Thanks

    Karen A. Mashburn,
    Kate M. Smith Elementary School

  12. Joseph Menard says:

    Would love this as a gift.

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